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I Want: MT Tapes (and I got them!)

So I posted before about these adorable Japanese masking tapes from MT. I searched high and low for a good deal. They’re hard to find and are pretty much all sold through people on Etsy. I found a sweet deal on a box of thirty from Washimatta on Etsy. I got my package the other day and had to share. They’re so cute!


I Want: Archie Grand Notebook

I came across these sweet little notebooks by Archie Grand via Poppytalk. The colors are great. I’d want one of each so I could list all the wonderful people I met.


Love! You can find them at Rare Device to be shipped to the US. They only carry a few kinds as far as I could tell, but you should really check out the Archie Grand site. They make them for ALL types of people. The site is really pretty and colorful too!

I Want: MT Masking Tape

I am totally obsessed with this stuff. I just bought some of the stripped kind on Etsy from Nothing Elegant. It’s so cute though, I don’t want to use it. I have this problem with adorable supplies. As a kid I had a sticker collection that I still have most of today because I couldn’t bring myself to stick them on anything. I really wish it was available in the States. Sigh. I must get more!

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