I Love: Lumadessa

So I adore birds. I came across Lumadessa. Lumadessa is an art and design label started by Josh Brill. You can get these sweet little birds in his shop and the best part is 5% of the proceeds go to Animal and Environmental Charities.


Obsessed: Laptop Cases

My computer is my baby. Even though it’s a little dirty from eating near it and one time spilled an entire bottle of water onto the keyboard (I took it to the computer hospital aka Apple Store after it dried out), it has stood by me. At the moment, I have a basic, black, Incase sleeve for it. It does the job, but I feel my computer deserves better. Here are some lovely cases I found on Etsy that may have to replace the basic black one.

1.Track and Field Designs 2. Blytheking 3. Sleevy 4. Mareri 5. Lollington 6. Sandrastju 7. Byrdandbelle 8. Fernfiddlehead 9. Annyandme

I Want: MT Tapes (and I got them!)

So I posted before about these adorable Japanese masking tapes from MT. I searched high and low for a good deal. They’re hard to find and are pretty much all sold through people on Etsy. I found a sweet deal on a box of thirty from Washimatta on Etsy. I got my package the other day and had to share. They’re so cute!

I Went: to Boston!

Over this weekend, I went to Boston! My parents were going to a wedding of a family friend, so I went along to visit a friend from my high school days. She ended up having to work the night of the wedding, so I got to go. It was amazing. The bride was beautiful and had a gorgeous dress. It was so much fun. Everyone wanted to dance more than eat, so the energy was great. One of the cutest things was instead of having numbers for the tables, they had the names of different bands they had seen in concert. My parents sat at The Police table. I wanted to be at Vampire weekend! It was so much fun. My feet are still killing me from dancing in my heels all night. Here are a few pictures (not great photos) of the festivities.


I Want: Archie Grand Notebook

I came across these sweet little notebooks by Archie Grand via Poppytalk. The colors are great. I’d want one of each so I could list all the wonderful people I met.


Love! You can find them at Rare Device to be shipped to the US. They only carry a few kinds as far as I could tell, but you should really check out the Archie Grand site. They make them for ALL types of people. The site is really pretty and colorful too!

I Heard: For Real?

Ugh. As a mac person myself, this makes me sad. I thought this was a joke. Maybe even an old version of Mac OS X, but ti’s not. It’s the new one. What happened to Apple’s good design? Clip art much?


Obsessed: Mad Men

I LOVE Mad Men. I want to be Joan. She has the BEST outfits! Here’s a Mad Men themed collage for your viewing pleasure.
1. starletvintage 2. 125 West 3. audreyandgrace 4. thegreedyseagull
5. thegreedyseagull 6. magicmuti 7. 12Step

If you love Don Draper, you have to watch this video. It makes me happy as I am madly in love with Don Draper. How could you resist him?

Also, don’t forget to Mad Men yourself. Here’s mine.