I Make: Random Cell Phone Pics

So I rarely use the camera on my cell phone. When I do it’s because I have forgotten my trusty little Canon, but a photo must be taken. Most often, I forget about these pictures and discover them months later. Here are my most recent discoveries.

Me napping on the hammock.

My sister lookin HOT during a family trip to Michigan.

This was sent to me from a friend and is possibly the most hilarious picture ever. It’s my friend’s brother holding a baby that is not so sure about this shady character.

A wildfire in Santa Fe. Apparently not all that wild because they just let it burn out. It was like that for a few days though.

My cat sleeping on my roommate’s bed where she is not supposed to sleep, but gets the most sunlight so how is she supposed to resist.

Rachel at Yats in Chicago. It was free that day because they ran out of rice. What Yat’s runs out of rice?

My dog, Snickers napping in the sun near the hammock.

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